Thursday, 7 June 2012

You may go into Kerak... but you will die there

There's something quite sobering about excruciating pain. It puts things into perspective. At the moment I have one upper right wisdom tooth forging its way into the world like a mother giving birth to twins at the same time, much to the detriment of my entire jaw line, sinus passages, inner ear and throat. Yes, nothing like a rogue demonic molar to bring some clarity.

I was ordered to rest up, but I found myself quite restless and got busy in the kitchen instead. I began at 06:30 this morning and I ended up making two pizzas, fish curry, rice, a greek salad, fruit salad and cajun chicken:

I even made our favourite vegetable juice. It's not actually a beverage of choice, it's more like medication for those of us with gluten allergies but it works wonders for just about everyone. It contains beetroot, baby spinach, celery, parsley, apples, carrots and ginger and is also surprisingly sweet:

An entire morning, three loads of washing up and several hours of contemplation later, I came to the following conclusions:

1. Bisexual men freak me out. That's about the only thing that really scares the shit out of me. Not bisexual females, not gays or lesbians, not transgenders or cross dressers, not transsexuals or transvestites... just bisexual men.

2. Rhinos are kinda like fat Unicorns. If they all went on a diet and got makeovers, maybe we'd be one step closer to Utopia.

3. Happiness, like the concept of Time, does not exist. I know no one wants to hear that, but it's the truth or my truth at least. As I've said before, the concept of Time only exists on earth because only here is time discernible through motion and change. It's mankind's tool to measure abstract intangible constructs, to group and label periods and events and to store them in nice little boxes so that everyone can comprehend and understand them because the rationalisation of time is only important to humans.

But in reality, we live day in and day out and essentially, it means nothing. If world leaders decided to rebrand 2012 and call it the year 3012, they could do so and it wouldn't mean a damn thing or make any difference whatsoever.

Happiness doesn't exist either - but for different reasons. And here I have to elaborate on the definition of Happiness, or what Happiness has come to mean to most people. We live in a world where everyone has come to define, perceive and understand Happiness as being in a perpetual state of joy or ecstasy - a permanent high. So essentially, if you're not bouncing off the walls like a Teletubby on crack, then you're not Happy.

Everything in life has become about instant gratification...  the I-want-it-and-I-want-it-right-now(s). Personally I blame emails, the world was a far better place when people had to wait for weeks to get their mail. These days, two minutes is deemed too long to wait for a response on an email.

For others, Happiness is a bottle of coke and some chocolate, at least that's what Coca-Cola and Cadbury want you to believe.  

The reality is that what happiness really is, is contentment. A sense of peace in a world of chaos. No internal or external conflict... no mental, physical or emotional anguish... no struggle with life and reality. Just a calm, serene presence in want of nothing and grateful for everything. But there's no one like that, I'll hear someone say. Well, I beg to differ.

*Title taken from a line in the movie Kingdom of Heaven. It's has absolutely nothing to do with anything. It was just stuck in my head like a broken record.


  1. I'm with you on the contentment thing. Fat unicorns - love it! Really hope you feel better soon - I know all about dental-pain issues.

  2. Fat unioorns are hilarious.

    Interesting bit on happiness. Is this the post you had mentioned about validation?

  3. i like it when you come into conclusions. never thought about rhinos that way but you have a point. hahaha.
    and that juice looks too good. i usually mix beetroot, carrots and green apples.

  4. "[...] what happiness really is, is contentment. A sense of peace in a world of chaos. No internal or external conflict... no mental, physical or emotional anguish... no struggle with life and reality. Just a calm, serene presence in want of nothing and grateful for everything."

    ...b-i-n-g-o and Bingo was his name-o.


    But seriously, spot-on. When I started reading your bit about happiness, I was all, "Nah, I don't agree! True happiness is actually contentment and contentment is absolutely attainable."

    And then I finished reading and I realised: same wavelength. :-) Heh heh.

    And OMG, you cooked up a storm (the chow looks delish) and did so much more, all while in the throes of excruciating pain. You're either an absolute freakin' champ or loony or both. ;-) I kid, I kid...champ all the way!

    Hope you're on the mend! Pain begone!

  5. But... How do you eat all that when you're in dental agony?? Aren't you just torturing yourself more...?

    Alfred B.M.

  6. Roving Retorter
    Thanks! :) Dental pain is one of the worst - the pain has been shooting to all parts of my body.

    This was only a small part of what I wanted to say... I will eventually have the rest soon :)

    The juice is amazing - it has some great healing properties :)

    Pretzel Thief
    Thanks! I'm on some medication today. And yes, I'm definitely part of the looney brigade! And proudly eccentric ;)

    Alfred B. Mittington
    I don't actually eat anything Mr. Mittington, because I can barely open my mouth. I love cooking and it helps take my mind off the pain... so I channel my energy by being productive instead :)

  7. I want to go to kerek.... and than to your kitchen

  8. SS

    You'd be a welcomed visitor in the kitchen, although I'm NOT sure if you'd receive the same welcome in Kerak :)

  9. It's difficult to feel any sort of contentment when you have impacted wisdom teeth.

    There is a bright side - you're officially 'wise'. Then again, we've known that all along.

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  11. I finally got a rogue wisdom tooth surgically removed earlier this year. Not the best experience, but life is way better sans the discomfort caused by the rogue.

    Fat unicorns? Love the idea. :)

  12. The kitchen looks like heaven so I assumed that you would have suffer the consequences of kerak first....

    Smart, tempting me with an invite- but nobody gets to know my secret identity

  13. Your philosophical rants entertain me. :) You're right about the instant gratification thing... getting what you like feels soooo much better when you've worked up to it. My childhood friend and I still write each other way more postcards than emails (we actually rarely email each other - only when we have something really important to tell), and I have to say that getting post is much more exciting, and sweeter.

    I think that happy people do exist - they just tend to be the more simple individuals who are content with very little (and by little, I'm referring to materialistic things). In more "modern" societies, I guess there's the constant competition, the incessant rat race, of having to have what your neighbor has - the newest phone, the smoothest car, the ultimate vacation, etc. Of course this is a simplified version of what really goes on in consumerist cultures, but it all somehow leads to more conflict... almost like a feeling of being trapped. So what good are all these "things" if they don't allow us to be free?

  14. P.S. I have to try that yummy-looking vegetable juice!!

  15. LL
    It's true, contentment is hard to come by when you're in physical pain - unless you imagine it being much worse and try to be grateful for it (highly unlikely when it feels like you're giving birth through your gums).

    Terra Shield
    I really should have them removed - I've been suffering for almost 8 years already. Every six months or so, it begins but only lasts for a few days...

    I'm not even sure where's Kerak. And now that you've pointed it out, I didn't even know you're under a "secret identity" haha. Don't worry, your identity is safe in the confines of Cyberspace.

    Yeah I agree, we sometimes get caught up in that dreadful cycle and only very few people can even recognise that. Here's to living fabulously simple lives (hopefully in Bora Bora or Curacao haha).

  16. I wouldn't be surprised if one day I were to find out you're my baby sister. Blue and Beautiful. (I know, smart too.) My goodness, Az, is there some truth in your words or is there some truth in them... Couldn't agree more on the instant gratification urge. I blame email, too. (And Mr Google.) I'm sick of people dropping their e-shit on my lawn while they're afraid to ask me whatever it is they want to ask me in person, to my face, and then five minutes later you bump into them and they have the audacity to be shocked: 'Haven't you read my email?' as if I've committed a crime. Now! Now ! Now! (How come you haven't answered this comment yet?)

  17. I've been crazy busy with work recently! :( I have not had a chance to read much.

    Wow that is such an impressive spread! Please give me the recipe for that juice? Do you just pop it into a blender? Do you cook the beets first?

    And LOL at the rhino thing...wonder if they can do magic too. :)

  18. RCB
    I'm sorry it's taken me this long to answer your comment Randy, but I've been stuck in the old world :) I think we could be siblings... you're like my Brother from another Mother :)

    The Juice is easy. For every +/-500ml you'll need:
    2 medium beetroot
    6 medium carrots
    4 green apples (or any apples)
    1 celery stalk
    handful of baby Spinach
    half a handful of parsley
    small piece of ginger (your discretion)
    All the ingredients are raw but washed carefully (the beets and carrots are scrubbed). I've used a juicer to make the juice - blender will make it thick and lumpy but it's totally up to you :)