Thursday, 12 July 2012

On living in the eye of the storm...

I always make a point of remembering people. And it doesn't matter who they are - whether they're the cleaners or execs and it doesn't where I am - whether it's at work and sometimes even on this blog. I remember faces, names and snippets of information about total strangers' lives. Sometimes I wonder if I do this because perhaps some part of me always felt forgotten. In any case, it pleases me to acknowledge people in whatever capacity they're in.

I've been recovering from this demonic flu, getting there slowly. And for some reason I've been feeling very philosophical lately. In many ways, I find myself in the eye of a storm that's been brewing for some time. And of course, this has led to many useful and pointless ruminations:

1. A man who cheats on his wife because he wants to prove he is still man enough doesn't cheat on her as much as he cheats himself out of the love of a good woman. Assuming she is a good woman of course. And in much the same way, a Pathological liar only lies to himself.

2. For some reason, there seem to be more and more people who define success by quantifying their assets. Now, I like money too. But having a shit load of it won't necessarily mean that you're successful. It just means you're lucky. I wish I could explain this in more simple terms to some ignorant people I've had the displeasure of encountering.

3. I'm learning something new everyday in my new vocation. What's green and blue and hates Bankers? The Whole World.

4. I've read Paulo Coelho's The Witch of Portobello. And for lack of a better word wow. If there was ever someone who took lines from my soul and put it on paper, it's him. I even told Mother that if she ever wanted to understand me, that she'd better read the book - page 96 of the hard cover version in particular. It's everything I am and have experienced minus the Paganism and Rituals.

And here is where I deviate from Coelho's take on life. I find that most people don't live in the real world, when they should be. We use everything from social media, TV, Music, Movies, Books - whatever we can get our hands on to distract ourselves - permanently distracting ourselves to escape from our realities instead of living and embracing the here and now. People spend so much time searching and yearning for something better... something greater... if only they put in as much effort and thought into the present and making the most of it.

5. Some people are Cursed. Others are Blessed. Most confuse the two. And some don't know the difference.

6. I've said previously on this blog that we are no different from each other; that we are all subject to the same spectrum of emotions no matter how good or evil they may be; that the only thing that separates us are our circumstances; that to judge each other because of those circumstances is foolish because circumstances change for everyone; that everyone has their own lessons to learn and their own path to walk - in their own time...
And then I came across this today which encapsulates its nicely. We can never judge the lives of others, because each person only knows their own pain and renunciation. It's one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it's another to think that yours is the only path ~ Paulo Coelho

7. And the Jackpot for me is this:


  1. Always love reading your philosophising, it's somehow soothing. (And cerebral...duh.) I agree on all counts. I love both quotes. The world can be a crazy place but it's up to us to make our days count and to try and implement positive change, however small. And to not be assholes to others -- I mean, that one's always a given, heh. xo

  2. You have made some very interesting points. I especially agree with point #1. As for point #2, it's the same everywhere- money dictates how successful you are. I believe I may be accused of lacking ambition as having lots of money is not my definition of success.

  3. That's the Az I know. Circumstances change, alright. It's a fool who won't notice. Luckily we're all fools, depending on your angle.

  4. oh yes.. no 7. Perfectly said.

  5. Hope you fully recover soon. But if you're able to reason this profoundly while under the weather, Plato's got nothing on you.

  6. What's green and blue and hates Bankers? The Whole World.

    HAHAHAHA. So frakking true. I don't hate you though. I know how it can be a necessary evil

  7. I find that most people don't live in the real world, when they should be. We use everything from social media, TV, Music, Movies, Books - whatever we can get our hands on to distract ourselves - permanently distracting ourselves to escape from our realities

    Most people cling to some sort of drug to escape the reality of life. For some it's food, for others substances such as narcotics or alcohol, still others feed on the pain of others (or watch 'reality television'). Some people use money as their drug, and still others use religion or a 'cause' to escape.

    And who is to say which of the above is the most destructive?

    Some of worst are those charismatic fanatics and those prepared to die for the truth, for as a rule they make many others die with them, often before them.

  8. My first coelho book was the alchemist and loved it but when I read the Zaahir I was in shock at how crazy the guy is. I thought to give him another chance and it was the Witch of Portobello, I began it and saw crazinesssssss from the start so didn't even bother reading it. Now I kinda want to know what you're on about because from the Alchemist I really get how he relates to the heart.

    but(I don't know how else to start this sentence) in The Zaahir it seems that he thinks its ok to have an addiction, even if that addiction can lead to adultry.

    I've also been going a bit mad with these people don't live in the real world. I see everyone as if in this state of delusion. Like there's a cover over their eyes. The best way I can describe this is with the casino scene from Percy Jackson

    but the scene isn't just the casino in real life its almost everything, from cars to phones, undressed people everywhere, music, movies and well even SOME religious nuts who are programmed without realising the need for empathy. There's much more to life and even though I don't know what that is, I know I'll find it by praying salaah and fasting and just stopping myself from falling into this delusional world. I think the best way is to read the Quraan translated into your own language and try to understand.

  9. Azra I can relate to everything you say :)
    I am new BTW :)

  10. I just read Paulo Coello's "The Zahir" and it *also* took some of the thoughts right out of my head. Are we only pretending that we're happy, because society has told us that if we achieve these things, then we will be happy?

  11. Pretzel Thief
    It's amazing how we can become obsessed with the most inane things. It's good to keep perspective :)

    Terra Shield
    I know people who drive the latest Sports Cars and live in mansions, but they can't afford to buy food. Because they're so obsessed with looking good and trying to prove that they're "worthy" to the rest of the world, that they live in a cycle of debt. And the worst is that they think that if you don't do the same, that you're not "worthy". It's the epitome of Low Self Esteem really.

    Oh Randy, some people are so blind, they can't even see what's right in front of them. I don't ever want to be that blind - even if it means that I don't like what I see.

    I was like Hallelujah the first time I read that :)

    Roving Retorter
    Thank you for that overwhelming compliment :) My only hope is that some of these words have meaning to someone out there.

    It seems that life is filled with necessary evils. I'm especially reminded of that when I see my somewhat delinquent overactive nieces and nephews all under the age of 5 - and I'm left wondering why do people want kids ;)

    Exactly! And everyones drug is different - like you said, for some it's food or religion or actual drugs - literally anything that can make us forget the present.
    People who want to die for truth are actually the ones who live the biggest lie.

    I can relate to Coelho but I don't agree with every single thing he says. Like I mentioned, I don't believe that people should be going off in search for other worldly experience - that "higher" self that he talks about. Having extensive knowledge on the unknown, I can state that trying to access something other than your own reality is very dangerous. This here is our world, and we should live in it and not go looking for something else in the quest for some kind of ambiguous fulfillment. People these days are perpetually "empty" and they lead empty lives because they've forgotten what it means to live in reality - in the here and now - most of them are up in the air looking for meaning where there is none.

    I will read The Zahir and give you my interpretation of it when I have the chance (iA).

    Hello and welcome :)

    I don't doubt that our idea of what it means to be happy comes from society's projections and expectations. And that is why I don't follow convention. I try to find what makes me happy, instead of being another one of the flock. Essentially people are sheep and tend to follow blindly.

  12. Some people are Cursed. Others are Blessed. Most confuse the two. And some don't know the difference. Ha! 'Aint that the truth.

  13. Juliette
    Sadly true, yes.

  14. You took the words out of my mouth with point 2. It's something I wish more people could learn to realise!

  15. dear, you always keep me wondering and thinking about stuff I don't always think about... keep it up : )

  16. Aadila Noorgat
    It's sad that through all of time, people have yet to internalise that message.

    I'm glad that you can learn something here, whether it's insignificant or not ;)

  17. I think the zaahir is a waste of time and a door to craziville. Rather go with the alchemist.

  18. SS
    I've read The Alchemist already. I'll see what else he's got to say in his other books.