Thursday, 5 July 2012

Time out

I've been away for a bit... been ill as usual for this time of the year. It began on Monday with an earache and bleeding inner ear, a fever, dramatic weight loss and laboured breathing. I wasn't too concerned because my sister had the same symptoms a few weeks earlier, nonetheless my bald headed Texan boss insisted I go to the Doctor. And so I did.

And I've been recovering ever since.

These past few weeks have been turbulent to say the least. Nothing to do with me - thank The Lord for that. But everyone else around me. Anyways, it has affected all of us around the situation and subsequent reflection and introspection has elicited a fountain of epiphanies, most of which I will share on this medium in due time.

For now, I need to rest. Hope everyone in Blogland is well! Here are some of my favourite e-cards (from Facebook and other mediums):

Must thank Angie for this one :)


  1. Hope you get well soon my friend :)
    Blog Land is a sadder place in your absence .
    "... And this too shall pass"

  2. Aw. :-(

    I'm sorry to hear the cold has been so shitty (bleeding inner ear?!) and even more sorry to hear about the turbulent times affecting those around you. Here's hoping it all works out and passes post-haste.


    Love-love-LOOOOOVE the e-cards! Bahahahah.

  3. sorry to hear that youre unwell. hope you get better soon. i've been unwell too.
    love the cards, especially the first one :p

  4. Bleeding inner ear? Yikes, that sounds really scary. Hope you get better soon :)

  5. I hope you feel better soon. And that first e-card is SO TRUE!

  6. It sounds as though your bald Texan boss has his shirt together...

    Get well soon!

  7. Hey! I've given you an award from over at my blog! :)

  8. When do you finally get a break, right? A bleeding inner ear as well... first time, Az? It sure doesn't sound good. Remember the magic word: Mallorca - 5 stars.

  9. Hope you are better now!

  10. Aww, poor thing. Get well soon. Rest up a storm and wotnot :)
    mostly, be extra kind to yourself because I'm not there to do it for you

  11. Yay! Azra! Miss you :-( (I know, you have been right here...just not sure where I am :-)


  12. Thanks for the well wishes everyone. Haven't completely recovered but feeling much better :)