Thursday, 4 October 2012

Blank spaces & a blast from the past

A few weeks ago, I became re-acquainted with someone I haven't seen for a solid twelve years. Twelve years! I met her in my first year at University, during the first two weeks of Orientation. At the time I thought she was very laid back for someone so pretty. Usually the pretty chicks spent all their time in front of mirrors. But Taryn was different. So nonchalant that it was easy to think that she was emotionally stunted or slightly retarded. 

We hung out every day, and with a few other girls, formed our own little group. The thing with Orientation week is that no actual work takes place so much of our time was spent in the sun, at some or other party or just sitting around and talking for hours. 

All that - in two weeks. Two weeks that felt like a year. 

And then, just like that, reality kicked in. We ended up choosing different courses and found ourselves on opposite ends of the spectrum. And time gave distance to our fleeting friendship and the years eroded those two weeks into a faded memory. Until recently... 

I bumped into her on her first day at her new job, in the foyer of our building. I recognised her immediately but for the life of me, I couldn't remember her name. She looked at me and immediately said: "I know you from somewhere. I get the feeling we were very naughty together. I just can't remember where". It took some time to place each other but when we did, all those memories came flooding back - it was unreal. 

She hadn't changed one bit in the 12 years since we'd been friends. Same hair, same nonchalant style, same lazy smile, not a wrinkle in sight. Nada. 

After promises of getting together for lunch and coffee soon, I started wondering how I've changed over the years. And how many other blank spaces or lapses in memory I may have of people I have met that, at some point, have been an important part of my life, albeit for the shortest periods of time. 

And I wonder how many more such encounters I will have in the future... if I should be that lucky. 


  1. That's a happy story! :-) I have a fondness for "blasts from the past" no matter be they about people or old television shows. Anything that brings back a flood of good memories is an awesome drug ;-)

    And the best thing to do with these "blasts?" Make more memories! Go find her and have some fun. Oh, and Azra, I want pictures of both of you or you will answer to me! ;-)


  2. That's a beautiful story. People from the past are usually always such a pleasant surprise and do get the grey matter working!

    Memories, they keep us going on a rainy day.

    I hope you can restart your friendship again where you left it!


  3. I love those kinds of random run-ins! Hope this lunch or coffee with her is the first of many.

  4. That's lovely Azra. I have a thing called a "Happy box" where I keep letters and diarys and trinkets from times and people of the past and every now and then I go through it and remember good times and great people. I'm sure you'll have many more of these!

  5. There are people who drift in and out of your life and sometimes we call those things simply happy coincidences. I've always thought that it runs deeper than that. Some of those people ended up being my very best friends over time.

  6. I swear I commented here... now its disappeared :/

  7. You are much braver than I am, I would probably run away because I'd be afraid of not having anything to talk about or say

  8. I've had an awful lot of those "wow, I know you from somewhere but I can't remember where" moments in the last year or two. I guess age (and curiosity) makes me brave and I don't mind speaking my mind and asking questions. I can understand now, at this age, that it is quite possible to completely forget someones name, no matter how important they were to you at some point in time. And so I don't feel bad or disappointed when I come across someone I recognise and they can't remember my name. And at this point in my life, I find making that "re-connection" much more rewarding than just ignoring the person and walking away.

  9. Love it! Now, the question begs: have you caught up in the meantime, or is a catch-up in the works? :-)

  10. It really is a small world out there sometimes isn't it?

    Like your comment about how re-connecting is better than walking away and missing out.

  11. Pretzel Thief
    We haven't had the time, yet. But we intend on it soon :)

    Yeah it is. And thank God age has brought the confidence I need to want to get reacquainted ;)