Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Miss Demeanor

As far as rough-slash-comical days go, today took the bakery. For one, there was an important conference going on which meant that every Head Honcho from the Head office in New York, to London, and even places like Dubai & Bucharest were here, trolling the various floors with their Visitor access cards. 
I've spent most of the past three days in meetings... face to face meetings as opposed to the usual conference or teleconference calls we're subjected to on an hourly basis. Putting names to faces and faces to names as well as matching voices to the people they belong to is quite fascinating. Ever notice how very few people actually look the way they sound? 

There were lots of welcome messages and talks of where we were, where we are in the global economy and where we're headed to. The world is a volatile place to live in right now, and any little event could tip it on its axis. It's quite scary actually, and invigorating at the same time.

Today was no different as business always goes on as usual - only for some reason, I just had to spill ALL my coffee down the front of my satin champagne coloured blouse, soaking my entire suit. It provided comic relief and a much needed break from all the business talk. And they were so polite about it that no one dared to point out that they could see right through my blouse. 

I spent the rest of the day living out my one time dream of being, or at least smelling like, a Costa Rican Barista. Much was discussed, and I'm currently a walking, talking well of political and economic information. Unfortunately, I can't share that on a public forum yet, but if you email me, I may give you a heads up.


  1. Sounds like me with the spilling (almost half of the shirts in my closet have some kind of residual food, drink, or ink stain on them if you were to look closely enough)!

  2. lol ALL the coffee, oh no! hope it wasn't too hot :P

    mmm satin champagne coloured blouse sounds really pretty, what a shame.

    Hmm I am intrigued now, instead of email msg me on facebook, Chantal Lee. Would be cool :)

  3. that's a sexy picture you painted there. suit. champagne blouse. wet. see through. lol

    i've probably only worn a suit only once or twice in my entire working career. well, so far.
    we're allowed to dress accordingly to our events.

  4. Any insider trading tips so I could make some money.... Come on do share. You got my e-mail add :P

  5. And they were so polite about it that no one dared to point out that they could see right through my blouse.

    Or perhaps they simply enjoyed the view ....

  6. Ha! What a tease! (the "email me" part not the wet blouse...well, yeah that too ;-)


  7. Colin
    Thanks. Nope, no pictures, I tend not to visually document my humiliation ;)

    Roving Retorter
    I can be such a messy clutz too. I often have to check my hair for crumbs and stuff.

    I mailed you! And yes, it is a pretty top. Thank God though it wasn't scalding hot!

    LOL! Suits are the norm here, especially where I work. Very corporate environment.

    Sent you an email :)

    Perhaps... they didn't get to view for too long though.

    The mail has been sent :)

  8. You are so right - people rarely look like what they sound like. There were lots of times where I worked with people over the phone for years and when I finally met them, it was a big shock

  9. Aw man, sorry about that! But I reckon it sorta helped lighten the mood around?

    And BTW, TVD Season 4 really started off nicely! Damon, oh Damon! Hahaha