Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Here we go again...

So, my bald headed Texan boss is not very happy. And being a Republican, he wouldn't be. I guess now he and Donald Trump have a lot to discuss. As an outsider, it doesn't really matter to me who won or who lost the election. Working for one of the worlds biggest banks means that business always goes on, as usual, and that won't change unless there's some sort of miraculous revolution and the US becomes a communist country. 

Our very Democratic MD (good friends with the Clintons, that kind of Democratic) seems strangely indifferent. It would be great if that indifference could be translated into a bonus for all the staff. Or at least another free lunch. Ah, wishful thinking...

If anything, it would be interesting to see how the world shapes up in the coming months. I'm not terribly excited about it though, I must admit. Here's hoping anyway.

For my Republican friends and acquaintances, if things prove to be too unbearable, you can always move to SA permanently. Americans here live like Kings. I know, I work with them. There aren't any NR Associations though, but you should bring your guns anyway - and your balls. 


  1. can malaysians live like kings in SA too ?
    :p right now i'm living in doha like i'm under house arrest because the outdoor is so dusty its effing up my lungs.

  2. China is getting a new boss as well. I also don't care about that.

  3. I am a liberal conservative or a conservative liberal. Take your pick. What that makes me is a moderate and a very lonely person in a country full of extremism. Either you are very religious or you are so pro-choice that you are willing to kill people to make your point.

    I'll just sit here in the middle, alone, and wonder what the hell happened to American sanity and reason.


  4. Like Dean, I'm a moderate, falling perhaps more to the conservative liberal side of things. I was very happy that my vote went to Obama, though when I woke up the next morning it didn't stop me from being a single mom with multiple jobs, multiple blogs, and no money. I doubt throwing my vote the other way would have changed that either. Canada looks better every single day!

  5. Uhh, I totally want to move to SA! Any finance job openings?

  6. Things may not change very much...but in many ways that's a very good thing. Things could always change for the worse.

  7. I'm with Angie. When I woke up the world looked just the same to me. Something tells me it'll look the same way four years from now. ;)

    Az, I've had to rebuild my blog. Something to do with Big Boss watching me. It's a long story... Hope you're doing better than the last time we spoke.


  8. Roving Retorter
    Your enthusiasm is endearing :)

    Sure, especially if you earn Dollars or Sterling and have all your expenses paid for :)

    Tony VH
    LOL! Same here!

    I'm more inclined to walk the middle path too - in politics and everywhere else too :)

    I think I'll come with you to Canada.

    There are hundreds of job openings. All you need is to get your foot in the door of a great agency or employment broker. And the incentives for expats are amazing.

    That is very true. We'd all rather have things stay the same than become worse...

    Like I said, its great to hear from you Mr. Married Guy :D Hope to read an update as soon as possible.

  9. (yes, it's the same icon, so click on it...)

  10. RCB
    I see you didn't leave your Malware Threats behind LOL! :D

  11. Ooooooo come on! It's all Angie's fault! Half a year ago I got a message saying her blog's dangerous. So I bought myself a get-rid-of-them-bugs programma and it says' no infections'. WHY ME? NLOL

  12. A Jo-burg vacation? Live like a king? Remain armed to the teeth (a given). And I try to bring my balls wherever I go.

    It sounds promising.

  13. Grumpy
    I've never heard of Programma before :P

    You'll have lots of friends here :) And they really do live like Kings.