Thursday, 12 February 2015

And then we kissed...*

I'm trying to remember the last time I had this look on my face. It must have been that day, 10 years ago, when I was trying to score a free Krispy Kreme donut from the carousel at Harrods and batted my eyelashes something flirty at the guy behind the counter, and eventually ended up getting 3 free donuts and a free coffee.

Or maybe it was more recent.. when I went home for the holidays and my Mom made my first proper home-cooked meal in months. The aroma still lingers on my tongues nostrils.

Or maybe it was the day I booked my ticket to Brazil and I managed to get an amazing window seat next to a sports star I didn't know - (because y'know, I don't care about these things unless they're shirtless) - but whom everyone including the pilot felt was important enough to  warrant a personal welcome-on-board as well as other perks like extra snacks for him and his "guest" i.e. me - cue eyelash batting on steroids.

The time I watched Tyrion Lannister finally stick it to Tywin also comes to mind. And when Michael Scofield quit being a pansy and finally kissed Sarah. 

And that time when I found out that I qualified for 70% off on all my purchases at Duty Free, and ended up buying over USD$300 worth of chocolate at a significantly reduced price (yeah that was a good day). 

But I'm guessing it was the Krispy Kremes.
Praying Mantis by Yudy Sauw
*Blog title has nothing to do with anything, shout out to my iPod shuffle and Britney Spears.


  1. Three Krispy Kremes - omg - now I'm dying! And so will that mantis. Praying ain't gonna help him! And forget that flower - nice touch, though.(smile)

  2. Great photo with the flower. Glad you were able to get a proper meal.

  3. Krispy Kremes - brings back such awesome memories of Harrods....

    Hope you well :) Havent chatted in ages!

  4. Mmmmm fooooood. I've looked like this recently, embarrassingly so. We've got some catching up to do!

  5. lol, brilliant. this made me laugh. and yes, I'm sure Rooth keeps looking like this for weeks to come :)

  6. You don't care about these things unless they're shirtless? I have the same when it comes to women sports stars. Women, not.... CLICK! Also I can't remember the last time I had that look on my face.

  7. Unless they're shirtless! Ha! That's my girl!
    The last time I looked like that was when I was drunk.

  8. My goodness, you must indeed have eyelashes on steroids. I don't think I've ever gotten anything free that way. Perhaps I'm not batting hard enough... Have a lovely weekend! :)
    (Lexa from the Celebrate blog hop)

  9. Azra - I hope you're okay. I stopped by from Celebrate the small things. I hope you're not still pining for Krispy Kremes? (smile). See you soon.

  10. Your writing is beautiful.
    I'm not good at recognizing celebrities either and I used to work at a movie studio. My initial thoughts are, "Is he someone I used to work with?" or "Does he go to my gym?" If I don't remember then I pretend I don't see them or force a smile and act like I do.