Saturday, 23 September 2017

Strange Bedfellows

I'm finally back in the kingdom, and somewhat settled for a while. It takes so much energy to move from place to place - it's downright exhausting. I've mentioned it here before. (lawd, has it been two years already? why? where has all the time gone to?) 

There's something about being in a foreign country, in the middle of nowhere, that fosters a sense of kinship with the strangest people. It's funny because on a normal day, under normal circumstances, in the confines of ones naturalised country, you will rarely find yourself making these acquaintances, never mind calling them your friends.

And it doesn't take much... 
Oh, you're a native speaker? Grand! That's all it takes. Sometimes, even less is required: you like Game of Thrones? Well then, welcome home.

It's amazing the little things we look for to connect with others when we're forced to. I've seen this so many times, among different people, from different countries / ethnicities and cultures. We grasp on to the tiniest, minute details, as if to say "look, we have something in common, and we therefore have the legitimate claim to call each other friends". This kind of validation is intriguing. It speaks to the very core of our needs and the human existence. 

No man is an island.

I've met the most amazing people during my time here. Each one unique in their own way, each one with their own flavour and quirks; some of whom I would have never met if Life hadn't put us both on this strange path. They've all taught me so much about the world, and even more about myself; and I am without a doubt richer for the experience.

There's something to be said about being outside of your comfort zone. We need to talk about how difficult that is. And how, once we venture out into the unknown, it becomes more and more difficult to return to who we used to be.


  1. The closest I came to that was living in an Afrikaaner suburb in Pretoria for a few months. I admire your courage to venture so far.

    1. :)
      Man, the last (almost) 4 years have been ground breaking in the evolution of Azra. If I died now, at least I'll know that I lived (if only a little) ;)

  2. There's the Azra I've been waiting for. Welcome home.

    1. Don't mention it. You already know I know you're the best.