Sunday, 29 October 2017

No Time At All

I found myself thinking about accidents the other morning enroute to work. I then decided that I should always sit in the middle of the vehicle in case anything happens. Fast forward to that evening, I had forgotten about my resolution and was seated by the door. All I remember is seeing a black car way too close to us & then the door bending towards me. And then a few seconds later, we stopped & both drivers stood outside screaming at each other.

Five minutes after that, they both apologised to each other, got back into their vehicles, and we drove off. No phone numbers were exchanged. No insurance details. Nothing. Just a 5 minute screaming match, and then Khalaas, we were all on our merry way. Thankfully & by The Grace of the Almighty, no one was hurt and no real damages incurred.


  1. Again, "Khalaas" to the rescue :)

    Seriously though, do they even have traffic lights over there? Are there rules of the road?

    I only had limited experience of the traffic craziness in Makkah (on a bus)...then got hit by some bikers in Aziziah (and lived to tell the tale).

    Is that a standard in the Middle East? I recall Cairo being equally terrifying if you're a pedestrian trying to cross the road.

    1. They have traffic lights but not at every intersection. They rely on A LOT of roundabouts. The rules to most are more like "suggestions". Yes driving here is a nightmare, I would never drive by myself. It will be interesting to see how things change now that women are allowed to drive.

  2. Replies
    1. Haha, yes Rooth, for a moment there, it was totally scary!

  3. Just a bit of... screaming? That's it?