Sunday, 4 February 2018

In Perpetuity

Now that we've all survived the year that was January, I'm finding that February truly is the Tuesday of the year - utterly pointless and redundant. Aside from the post-Valentine's Day chocolate sales, there is not much to look forward to. And now that I'm allergic to both Gluten and Soya, it's all meaningless to me.

My negative sentiments towards February stem from childhood. It's amazing what we carry around and for how long. See, I hated school with every fiber of my being, and in South Africa, the new school year usually began in the third week of January every year. But we didn't mind January that much because, let's face it, we didn't do anything for that first week aside from lament sleeping in until mid morning.

But February was different. February meant business. February meant that the holiday was officially over, and that you had absolutely nothing to look forward to except death. Well, for the next few weeks anyway. Since my birthday is at the end of March and Easter holidays usually followed soon after that, my malaise didn't last long - but lets not forget how long the days and weeks were in our youth. Lawd, between the first and tenth Grades, one week was roughly equivalent to the 725 days of January we've just had to endure. 

Yes, February is utterly useless if you ask me. It only speaks of things in the distant future, with no promise of coming to pass. In the North, it's Winter rearing it's ugly head - without any festive cheer to distract you. And in the South, it's the beginning of the end of Summer... a nice hello/goodbye song waiting to be sung before we don drab colours and officially go into mourning.

The good news is that this month is only 28 days long. We have Pope Gregory XIIII and his cronies to thank for that. See, back in the 1500's they too knew that February was utterly pointless, and decided to spare us the agony of futility when they were implementing the Gregorian Calender.

Dramatics aside, I've been busy as usual... but things seem to pass by in a blur. I feel like I'm waiting for something to happen, but I'm not quite sure what. In the meantime, I while away my time with tasks and chores, and try to keep everything remotely negative at bay. It's a full time job though - this life thing.


  1. My condolences on your loss of chocolate indulgence.

    Let's hope your intuition is right about what's coming...or maybe you should start some new personal project that gives you drive to get through this month?

    Feb is the start of our academic year at university, so it's far from fact the most hectic period for everyone. It's also Cape Town's hottest month of the year, so not my favourite (since I'm not a fan of Summer).

    1. @dreamlife- I was thinking i should read more. I definitely don't read as much as I used to and I miss it desperately.
      We're also very busy in February - but the month still annoys me :)

  2. November, January, and February - least favourite months of the year. February has been grey and cold here so far. I'm ready for spring time!

    1. @rooth - I'm so over this winter already. I'm ready for Spring! :)

  3. Wait... The post-Valentine's Day chocolate sales? You said that which you should not have said. Now, say it again. You had nothing to look forward to except death? What? (Great sentence, though, and notice the quotes. Notice the quotes.) Just don't discuss birthdays. Let's talk about botox. Don't use it. Don't even think about using it, except when you're me. What I'mbasically saying is that February sucks so hard it's almost exciting, which it isn't. What we need is a vacation.