About Me

Azra Version 3.5 Update ---> 07/09/2017: Since the last time I was here, I've gone through a rapid and radical internal transformation. 

Azra Version 3.4 Update ---> 21/09/2016: Spent the last year realizing that I basically hate everyone, and that most of the time, I don't know what the fuck is going on. 

Azra Version 3.0 Update --->  I began blogging in 2008, after a particularly bad break-up and many years of writing fictional (and not so fictional) stories both academically and for my own amusement. Since then I've ranted, raved, ruminated, philosophized and gone through many changes. In some ways, this blog chronicles my journey through life.

Azurah means blue in Persian and incidentally, it's derived from the Italian word azzurra, also meaning blue. I've got a Bachelors Degree in Sarcasm therefore not every.single.thing I say should be taken seriously. 

Born and bred in Johannesburg, South Africa, I currently reside in Saudi Arabia. I'm a citizen of the world and I love travelling, Swiss chocolate, the ocean, French movies, the taste of heaven in a white-fleshed nectarine, swimming for hours on hot summer days, red hibiscus flowers, loads of witty humour, books that resonate, old windmills, fresh bread straight from the oven, music, soothing rain and Nivea-for-men commercials. 

Welcome & Happy Reading!


  1. Radical transformation? Do tell please...

    1. Don't worry, I've made a return to blogging - you will eventually read all about it :)